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Which Hair Topper to choose: Lace Base or Silk Base?

Nov 9, 2023

When deciding which hair topper to choose, the selection between a Lace Base and a Silk Base. This ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. Both types of bases have their own advantages and may offer different levels of comfort for different individuals. Here's a brief overview of each:

Lace Based Hair Topper: Breathable and Natural

Many people check the comfort of lace-based hair toppers—breathable and lightweight. Ideal for hot and humid weather, they provide a more comfortable experience than silk bases.

Natural Look: The lace base hair topper gives the appearance of a natural scalp, creating a realistic and undetectable look. Achieve this effect when properly applied.

Versatility: Lace bases allow for better airflow to your scalp, reducing sweating and discomfort.

When considering which hair topper to choose, take into account the lace material that closely resembles the appearance of a natural scalp, creating a realistic and undetectable look when properly applied. Transform your look with a lace base hair topper from Hair Niche by Shelly, a reputable brand offering lace base hair toppers online in India.

Silk based hair topper

Silk Based Hair Topper: Soft and Durable

Silk bases tend to be smoother and softer against the scalp, which some people find more comfortable. Especially if they have sensitive skin.

Realistic Appearance: Silk bases can also look quite natural, but they may not provide the same scalp-like appearance as lace.

Durability: Silk bases can be more durable and less prone to fraying or tearing compared to lace, which can make them a good choice if you want a longer-lasting hair topper.

The durability and resistance to fraying of silk-based hair toppers make them a popular choice. Moreover, it's tearing, making them a long-lasting option.

If you've decided to purchase a silk base hair topper, Hair Niche By Shelly's natural hair toppers are an excellent option. All their hair extensions are crafted from 100% natural human hair, ensuring a high-quality product. You can confidently rely on this brand for your hair topper needs.

Moreover, if you're still unsure about which hair topper to choose, “Hair Niche By Shelly” can assist you in making an informed decision.

Final Words

Ultimately, the most comfortable base for a hair topper varies from person to person. Some individuals prefer the breathability of lace, while others prioritize the softness of silk. It's crucial to consider your personal comfort preferences, the climate you reside in, and your specific needs when deciding between these two options.

Additionally, factors such as hair density, attachment method, and the overall quality of the hair topper significantly impact overall comfort. Trying on both lace and silk base hair toppers is recommended to determine which suits you best.

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